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Who We Are

About Us

We are three congregations with unique missions but a common vision: to help people connect faith with their daily lives.

We don't call our worship "contemporary" or "traditional" or any other label. We respect tradition but are open to inspiration. We are Methodist in theology — we emphasize grace is available to all. We also have people of many faith backgrounds in our midst. We welcome you.

Read More About Our Mission & Visions

Find out more about our Mission and Vision

Mission & Vision

Central Staff

Rev. Hee Soo Jung


Rev. Barb Certa-Werner

District Superintendent

Paul Messmer


Faye Burlingame Helland

Administrative Assistant

Carla Ingalls

Charge Treasurer

Learn more about these amazing heart-filled people.

An everyone who is Involved and devoted their hearts to helping the Church and others. 

Lay Leadership & Staff

Parish Post

View our monthly parish posts and engage in the fun activities inside.

Parish Posts