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SUN (5/9)

6th Sunday of Easter

8:30a (H), 10a (JF), 11:15a (A)


MON (5/10)

Food Pantry 4-6p (JF)

Coffee & Convo with Pr. Paul 1p (JF)

TUE (5/11)

Missions 1p (H)

Food Pantry 2-5p (H) 

Ad Board 6:30p (JF)

WED (5/12) 

Coffee & Convo with Pr. Paul 1p (H)

THURS (5/13)

UMW 1:30P (H) 

   SUN (5/16)               Ascension Sunday 

                                           8:30a (H), 10a (JF), 11:15a (A)



May 15th is the due date for Scrip for the Holcombe church.  Due to Jane Skaare

* May 22nd is Graduation Day for Lake Holcombe High School

* Memorial Day: Bring a picture of a loved one who is a veteran and who has passed 

* Please sign up to be a liturgist for services at your church

* The Holcombe church is looking for Acolytes to bring the Light of Christ into worship and take it out after.  

   Talk to Pastor Paul if you are interested. Anyone can bring the light as we are all children of GOD.