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Holcombe Photo Album

If you have any photos that would fit in here go ahead and send them to us at [email protected], and include a sentence or two describing the photo.

Packing boxes with Thanksgiving goodies for the less fortunate.

Left to right: Bob Langland, Liz Dempsey, Cliff Lyon, Karen Langland, Gail Laudenslager, Pastor Jason.

Holcombe's Adult Sunday School Class July 2016

Standing: left to right - Liz Dempsey, Jim Beede, Dick Catlin, Bill Stimeling, Karen Stimeling

Sitting: Sue Dahlstrom, Gail Laudenslager, Rochelle Catlin, Mary Beede

Erv and Mary Jane Larson

Holcombe's Mini Library

Built by Ron Laudenslager

Ron Laudenslager (Pappy Fix) and the Mini Library.

Holcombe's Oldest Member

Helen Wagar - 92 years young

Easter - March 27, 2016